In a clean and calm candlelit room, using warm oil, combined with long flowing tantalizing massage stroke, warming up your muscle to the releasing of all tensions, letting your entire body and mind go into a deep state of relaxation and an indulging relief from the stress and strains of every day, whether your desire is stress relief, stimulation or overall relaxation, this treatment will manipulate the tissues all over your body, allowing you to float on a cloud finalizing with a gentle orgasmic relieve. 
This technique becomes most wanted massage from all that it's on offer.
First part of massage is a relaxing massage which warm up the body before the Nuru Massage.
The enjoinment is more intense when the body is fully warmed up before the massage.
First part of massage is performed on the table. When we finish you will be asked to take quick shower and prepare your body for nuru. Massage is performed on the special warm mattress.
The massage is the most sensual from all of massages that I perform.
Nuru Massage is performed with special nuru oils wich are scentless, it enhances your erotic sensation and that makes it so great. 
Have a unique and exotic experience with TWO beautiful ladies bringing you to the higher level of relaxation and excitement. I'm sure you wont regret and will leave wishing you stayed more.